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11-06-2017, 22:48:16
anything that you just imagine boiling will prepare dinner much sooner in a steamer in the immediate Pot. Classics that cook dinner very well within the immediate Pot the use of the steamer consist of:

Boiled Eggs
Pureed Fruit
Condensed Milk (into caramel)
i like it for the boiled eggs as it is barely so short and the peel so neatly. in case you boil an egg in a pan then you spend ages attempting to eliminate the shells, however the steamer within the instant Pot makes it so easy, that you'll really come to be eating boiled eggs further and further.

For fish you could cook delicious clean salmon and it comes out so fabulous. none of the flavour is misplaced and its a good deal lessen in energy than cooking it in a shallow pan.